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NeoKi's TM Site
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Clipart of a computer; Actual size=140 pixels wide

Welcome to Neoki's TM Site, home of Zyon ENTerprises.
The semi-master of making mods.

Game mods, maps, and tanks are up and running!!!.

P.S. These pics are from a game called Medal of Honor, it's a great shooting game, which takes place in one of the biggest wars. America vs. Hitler





A clear blue sky, as we start the day, burning metal shows us are way. Screaming nukes pass are ears, as we protect he ones we hold dear. It is not a game we play, so real and hard, as I frag your tank it becomes charred. For the love of this, I will show, blasting my opponents, the only way I know. To live, is not to be fragged, but I still hate that darn lag. For it may seem easy to some and hard to others, with all my love, I call you my brothers.