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The best, in my humble opinion...

On this page, I'll discuss my favorite game. I'll also talk about how I first started playing it and what I like best about the game.

Many People know me as NeoKi which in a way means new life, but my real name is Daniel M. Sanders. The first time I saw TM was when my dad was playing it on his superfast computer which was a few years ago, but when there where still testing it, of course I wanted to play but I could only play if I had my dad's permission. Well one night, my mom and my dad were going out and I decided to play TM while they where gone, but you see I had to act quickly becuse my dad had a password on his screensaver so a few times before he left I moved the mouse a few times to keep the screensaver from coming on. Finally, my mom and dad left, and thats when the fun began, at times I told myself to stop playing in case my parents came home early, but I was having so much fun. Well after about 30 mins of playing I quite. About an hour later my parents came home, my mom went upstairs and my dad went to go on his computer, about 15 mins later, I hear Daniel!!!, but not ain an angered voice, so I came downstairs to see whats up, and it turned out that my fother had found that I had played TM, but how I thought to my self, well it turned out that my dad had some sort of programe that told him what he had done earlier that day or something like that. Well to make a already long story short, he deleted TM, about two years later I bought it, got glsetup and here I am now.